No one can mess with your heater, and when it isn’t working it can be a nightmare during a cold winter day. The boiler specifically is tasked with supplying your home with hot water on demand and warming up your home round the clock. The boiler may stop working due to a host of problems.

A Heating system losing pressure often comes about as a result of a boiler fault. However, some, if not all, of boiler problems occur due to other issues within your heating system.

Let’s explore more about some of the common boiler problems and how to fix them.

heater repair

Water Pressure Loss

A heating system losing pressure is amongst the common issues that cause a furnace to stop working.

The problem might come about due to expansion, and new boilers are fitted with expansion vessels to fix the problem. The expansion vessel needs regular servicing, just like all other parts of a heating system, to ensure that it keeps working as expected.

Noises Coming from your System

Sometimes you will hear unusual noises emanating from your heating system. Sludge build-up in your heating system causes the noises.

Sludge build-up restricts optimal water flow within the system, which in turn results in a heating system losing pressure. The way about this is to conduct a system flush regularly to rid your heating unit off sludge and other residues.


Condensing boilers are commonly used and often the condensing pipe may suffer from blockages. The cause may be due to cold external weather.  The boiler will naturally shut down due to the condensing tube blockage.

Condensing boilers that feature outside drains should get protection against cold weather by connection to internal drainage pipes.

Hot Water Problems

Most homes use combined boilers which offer both home warming and water heating functions. Sometimes furnace issues emanate from the heat exchanger getting blocked.

Sludge build-up causes this problem. However, in the instance of a hot water storage system, the problem comes about due to a fault with the motor-operated valve.

In the case of sludge build-up, as explained above, a system flush should fix the heating problem.

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Sometimes there may be leakages from your boiler resulting in your heating system losing pressure.

Leakages come about due to loose pipes or other reasons that are more serious. Once you are aware of leakages from your boiler, call a professional to fix the problem.

Radiator Failure

Sometimes the heater fails to heat up. It often down to a simple issue as forgetting to switch the heating system on, not turning on the radiators, and high thermostat settings.

Often, when everything is turned on issues with radiators can be fixed instantaneously.

Control Problems

When the thermostat or clock are set incorrectly or have a fault, it may cause the boiler to shut down.

Keep the thermostat at room temperature or lower, and use a fuse that is 3 amps.

Prevent your heating system losing pressure by implementing the fix-ups discussed above.